Holly Go-Lightly came to me at the end of December.  A pretty tuxedo kitty, rather small, but full of life and vigor.  She was quite the talker and kept me entertained throughout the day.  Both she and Fred were from the Humane Society in Golden Valley.  The two became fast friends, both sleeping on the same chair, wrestling, chasing each other around the house.  She was approaching 3 years, he is approaching 2.

Sadly, early this morning I found Holly across the street from my house in the park’s wooded area by the creek.  She had only been missing over the night and had a violent death.  I can only assume she fell victim to a raccoon or other large animal and was unable to fend for herself.  She was not de-clawed and was rather quick.

We shall miss you very much, my Silly Little Girl…

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