What is a Contralto?

Webster’s Dictionary defines a contralto as the following:

1 a: a singing voice having a range between tenor and mezzo-soprano b: a person having this voice2: the part sung by a contralto

Vocal Range:

The lowest female voice being able to audibly and beautifully and comfortably sing roughly between F3 (F below middle C and possibly lower) and E5 (E above middle C and possibly higher).

Classical and operatic contraltos are singers who have regularly performed unamplified classical or operatic music in concert halls and/or opera houses. This is a list of the most famous of all historic and contemporary contraltos:

  • Kathleen Ferrier
  • Marion Anderson
  • Ewa Podles
  • Marie-Nicole Lemieux
  • Olga Borodina
  • Dolora Zajick

    Some examples of pop/crossover contraltos are:

    • Diana Krall
    • Bonnie Raitt
    • Sarah Vaughn